Customs clearance is an integral part of international consignments. AmRusTrans LLC has gained vast experience in this field of activities; and our certified specialists (customs operations specialists) will do all their best to handle you goods as quick as possible.

We offer customs clearance, i.e. performance of customs operations in relation to goods at the Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Baltic Customs when goods undergo basic customs procedures (release for domestic consumption, export and other customs procedures for preliminary approval with customer).

Our specialists will:

  • Select correct HS codes;
  • Advise on the set of prohibition and limitation measures (non-tariff regulatory measures, technical regulation, and export control) with regard to permit documents;
  • Check shipping documents;
  • Draw up customs declaration;
  • Perform customs declaration of goods at the customs station;

We will do our best to solve all questions with customer prior to the shipment of goods in order to minimize risks of payment for goods storage at temporary storage areas of the customs arrival terminals. We always take care of our customers’ needs.
By your request, our specialists will provide you with professional advice relating to customs clearance (customs operations) requirements in relation to goods so that you would be able to assess economic efficiency of your business well in advance.