For 10 years of work under the Cooperative Threat Reduction Integrating Contracts of the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and under the similar programs of Canada and European countries, AmRusTrans LLC has gained a unique experience in such supplies.

We provide a full package of services when performing such supplies, specifically:

- Pick-up of goods from consignor
- Export packing
- Transportation using any specific applicable method
- Customs clearance
- Delivery of goods to consignee’s door

Based on the fact that technical assistance goods are special goods in terms of customs formalities (they are exempt of customs duties, taxes, and fees and have the status of imported goods in the customs territory of the Russian Federation), we provide a full package of services relating to the preparation of a complete set of documents required for such supplies.

Services on the verification of documents for the registration of technical assistance (support) projects and programs, for the preparation of applications to obtain certificates from the Commission for International Humanitarian and Technical Assistance at the Government of the Russian Federation that confirm that monetary funds, commodities, works, and services are technical assistance (support).
Review and preparation of documents required to obtain the certificates that confirm that imported commodities are technical assistance (support).
Identification of HS codes or obtainment of preliminary customs classification decision from the FCS with regardto the HS codes.
Review and adjustment of shipping documents, invoices, and packing lists.
Assistance in obtainment of permit documents relating to the set of prohibition and limitation measures (technical regulation and customs control).
Conformity assessment (certificate of conformity  and declaration of conformity), certificates confirming military/non-military, dual-use designation of commodity, fire safety certificates, notification of encryption and cryptography means and decisions on the importation of products that contain ozone depleting substances.
Customs declaration of technical assistance goods
Completion of the customs declaration form (TD) for and on behalf of the consignee of technical assistance goods and undergoing of all stages of customs formalities (customs operations) in relation to technical assistance goods
Preparation of periodic reporting for customs authorities with respect to measures of control of intended use of technical assistance goods.