US Defense Threat Reduction Agency - DTRA - Cooperative Threat Reduction Integrating Contracts (Destruction of Russian weapons of mass destruction)

Management and organization of transportation of materials from the USA, Europe, and Russia to 22 inhabited localities in the territory of Russia and 10 countries of the former Soviet Union.
Interaction with the governments of the countries of destination points with respect the coordination of procedures and orders of import of materials, exempt of taxes and duties pursuant to bilateral agreements.

K. T. I. - Kirishi Oil Refinery Plant

Furnaces and guns of 230 tons each were delivered from Italy to Saint Petersburg by sea, then transshipped onto special barges and delivered to the Oil Refinery Plant by river. The plant faced difficulties because the commercial quays were too low; therefore, special hoisting equipment was forwarded to facilitate unloading of the cargo to the proprietary quay in the territory of the plant.

Arman Joint Venture

Lynden has been cooperating with Arman Joint Venture since the end of the 90s by organizing the transportation of various small and large batches of goods under the support of the permanent project in Kazakhstan.

Oversize cargoes

The company has orhganized transportaion of some standard and oversize cargoes for for oil and gas, and mining companies for different manufacturers all over the world.

Corning Inc. – Corning CIS Ltd

Since 1988, AmRusTrans LLC together with Lynden has been a reliable partner for Corning Companies with regard to the provision of their transportaion needs in import and promotion of the optical fibers in Russia. The cargoes are picked up from the manufacturer of optical fibers in the USA and delivered to different customers in different regions of Russia. Lynden /AmRusTrans LLC provides a full package of door-to-door transportation  services including customs operations in relation to the imported fibers upon arrival to Russia, as well as warehousing of fibers to ensure reliable storage of them for further release and delivery to customers.