AmRusTrans LLC an exclusive representative of Lynden International, a transport and forwarding company (with American Capital having 100% ownership) was established in 1993 when Lynden Group decided to offer the experience of work in Arctic conditions gained by them in Alaska to the similar territories in terms of geographic location and climatic conditions where there was a need to transport special cargoes.


We will be able to easily organize any transportation for you irrespective of your equipment including equipment for the oil and gas, mining or telecommunication sectors or construction.


For many years of work, the company has gained vast experience in the field of logistics services associated with the organization of transportation and customs clearance of goods.

The company has highly qualified personnel, professionals in the field of transportation and forwarding services as well as in customs clearance of goods.


Since its foundation in Russia, AmRusTrans LLC cooperated with many companies, such as Amoco, Texaco, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, AT&T, Western Atlas, and Coca Cola.


For over 2 years (1995-1997), AmRusTrans LLC performed services for the oil spill response project in Usinsk (delivery of special equipment to the site of rescue operations).

Since 1988 and till now, Lynden International has been organizing shipments of optical fibers of Corning Inc., a global lead manufacturer, and AmRusTrans LLC performs their customs clearance (customs operations), warehouse handling and delivery to end customers in Russia.

Since 2000, Lynden International and AmRusTrans LLC have been collaborating under the program of coordination of technical assistance delivery from the USA, Canada, and Europe to Russia and the CIS countries and performing related operations (logistics, coordination of supplies, transportation, customs clearance, and obtainment of permit documents).


Thus, we have gained a huge experience in providing a wide range of services associated with motor, railway, overseas, air and multimodal transportation of goods across Russia, the CIS countries and globally.


Along with the transportation of standard cargoes, we also perform transportation of project oversize cargoes, customs clearance, warehousing services, transportation insurance services.


We also provide services under customer projects.


Lynden International has two offices in Russia:

  • AmRusTrans LLC in Moscow

  • AmRusTrans LLC RFI in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk


Lynden and their agent’s offices are represented on all the continents. This enables them to be more flexible and mobile all across the world when performing international transportation from/to any point of the world.


AmRusTrans LLC is not a large company and this is our advantage because we provide an individual approach to each customer. We take care of each customer’s interests at all transportation stages. Customer is first for us. We always keep in mind the quality of the work we do and try to do it best.


We have everything to solve any challenges associated with transportation!


We are happy to work for you!