List of documents for customs clearance

  1. Power of attorney to the Sheremetyevo Customs authorizing to perform customs clearance and to receive the cargo (for AmRusTrans LLC) (original – 2 copies)
  2. Payment order indicating the due amount of customs charges (charges for customs clearance, duty, VAT) (original)
  3. CMR note (air freight bill) (original)
  4. Invoice, pro forma invoice (with translation to Russian, original)
  5. Packing list (with translation to Russian, original)
  6. Documents confirming the cost of goods (consignor’s export declaration, manufacturer’s price lists, insurance policy (in case the goods are insured pursuant the supply conditions)
  7. Foreign economic contract (authenticated with the seal of the organization, copy)
  8. Transaction passport (authenticated with the seal of the organization and signatures of general director and chief accountant, 2 copies)
  9. Certificate of conformity (declaration of conformity), hygienic certificate, veterinary control certificate or other permit documents according to the HS code (if required) (original and notarized copy)
  10. Description, technical characteristics of good, maximum details (authenticated with the seal of the organization)
  11. If advanced payment is provided for in the contract – copies of banking documents confirming the payment authenticated with the seal of the bank (currency purchase application, application for currency transfer, current account statement confirming the transfer operation)
  12. Bill of carriage (on carrier's letterhead) in the event that the transportation cost is not included in the amount of supply under the contract (EXW, FOB)