AmRusTrans LLC in close cooperation with Lynden offers the full range of transportation services. Knowledge gained by the company personnel enables to promptly respond to customer demands, building the logistics chains for the transportation of goods in the optimal way.


You goods will be delivered from any point of departure to any point of destination via any territories. The goods will be transported under the full control and with the permanent tracking of the situation and location of the goods. The innovative solutions developed by Lynden that create information flows and consider customer demands have no analogues and enable you to stay tuned.


As an authorized agent of Lynden International, AmRusTrans LLC found its rightful place in the field of international logistics thanks to its ability to provide customers with comprehensive door-to-door services. Irrespective of demands, location and type of goods, AmRusTrans LLC is always eager to demonstrate their professional integrity and offer the right solutions both in terms of transportation and customs clearance of your goods.


We have the tools and mechanisms of the most challenging operations